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PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:06 am 
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Just got this from a poster I consider a friend and shipmate.
One of the people I think about in the Christmas Season is Bob Hope. God Bless him.
He was there with some other fine folks when he was needed. I call him a shipmate and am so
pleased he has his own ship USNS Bob Hope (T-AKR-300). If I had it my way it would be a DDG. ;)

Bob hope is one of the few Hollywood "stars" I have a deep affection and love for. First Bob Hope Christmas show I saw as at Danang in late '67. I'd just arrived in-country in mid Nov.
Yup a real boot just come aboard TF Clearwater at NSAD Cua Viet, I Corps North of Danang and just south of the DMZ.

Bob Hope was determined to entertain American troops and give back to the country he loved, says daughter

By Stephanie Nolasco | Fox News

From vaudeville to Hollywood, Bob Hope conquered it all as a beloved showman — but his greatest achievement was entertaining the troops.

At the time of his death in 2003 at age 100, the New York Times reported the film, TV and stage star performed nearly all of his 400 radio programs at military bases and embarked on annual tours where he delighted American servicemen with his sidesplitting monologues. Hope even took time to befriend weary soldiers and, as his name implies, deliver hope to those fighting for their country.

His eight-decade career is the subject of a new PBS documentary, titled “American Masters: This is Bob Hope…,” which explores his contributions as a comedian, actor and proud patriot. And the unabridged director’s cut features over 35 minutes of footage just for fans.

Fox News spoke with his daughter Linda about growing up with Hope

Fox News: What are some of your favorite memories involving your dad?
Linda Hope: The fun of his homecomings. When he would go away usually for several weeks at a time and finally come home, we anticipated it for days. Particularly right around the holidays because my mother had a rule that when dad was away at Christmas, we would only be able to open just a few presents on Christmas Day.

Then we would save the rest of our gifts so we can have a Christmas with dad. It was always much more fun that way. We basically had two Christmases…. It was always a great time with wonderful food. He loved roast lamb. We actually used to have that at least every other week, up to once a week. He loved it so much. And lemon meringue pie, he loved. Those were two things his mother used to make for him when he was growing up.

Fox News: When did his passion for entertaining the troops begin?
Hope: It started back before we had gotten into the Second World War and my dad was doing his radio broadcast. He had moved out to Los Angeles from New York. He was doing his show out of the NBC studio in Los Angeles. The troops were starting to build up a little bit. There was a sense that war was eminent. Roosevelt had tried to keep us out of the war for so long, but finally the writing was on the wall. Hitler was gobbling up all of Europe and a lot of young men were signing up. A lot of these bases around Los Angeles were filled with young men.

It turns out one of dad’s writers had a brother who was stationed in March Field in Riverside, California. He said, “Why don’t you think about bringing your show out here? There’s lots of guys and I know they would love to see you.” So he did that. He couldn’t believe the number of people in the audience because in a studio audience, you get 100-150 at most. But here, he had thousands of guys that were yelling and screaming. He loved the sound of laughter, clapping and people having fun. And I think he grew addicted to that over the years. He needed to be out there with those guys and make them laugh.

Fox News: Did he meet with the troops after his performances?
Hope: He certainly did. When he would go to different bases, he would always have a meal with them, see if they were exercising or take part in whatever it was they were doing. He took it all very seriously. It was very important for him to spend one-on-one time with the different troops.

Fox News: How did Bob Hope give back to veterans?
Hope: He would go to the hospitals all the time and just show up. Sometimes we would say, “Where did dad go?” And my mom would go, “Oh, he went to the VA hospital in Los Angeles to spend a few hours with the guys.” He would also do that if he was traveling someplace and there was a VA hospital there. He would make a visit and spend time with the different men while going through the different wards.

Fox News: How did your family cope with the absence?
Hope: I think we coped very well… My mom would always remind us that dad was out entertaining lots of other little boys and girls, dads and brothers and all that. It was important and we should be very proud of the work he did. So any kind of resentment we might have felt was greatly diminished by that. We felt very privileged to get our dad back so quickly… it was important for dad to remind the guys fighting that people loved them and thought about them.

Fox News: How did Bob Hope feel about being recognized as a proud patriot in Hollywood?
Hope: He was very proud of that. This was his adopted country. He came from England when he was a boy. He loved what he was able to accomplish in this country.


Peace on earth to men of good will.

"If you think they’re going to give you THEIR country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. ;)

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