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 Post subject: Re: Dark Earth Timeline
PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:53 am 
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It is one of several changes to borders that have some subtle and not-so subtle effects. One of the larger ones in North America is New Avalon, a Dominion lying on the Baja California peninsula. Subsequently, California doesn't have a Mexican border and has a somewhat different cultural evolution in a number of ways.

I'm not planning any authorial inserts or reality bending as such.

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 Post subject: Re: Dark Earth Timeline
PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:00 am 
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Apologies that this has been slightly delayed; apart from work, I have been engaging in my other great passion of barbecue/large scale cooking. Now that I'm well on the path to finishing the three dozen dishes for this weekend's fest, there is a moment to return to Dark Earth 1955.


- Imperial China's words being backed by nuclear weapons is a reference to the Civilization series of computer games.
- Malaya and Kenya are starting to clear up earlier, but spotfires will continue for some time to come.
- The A3D is a larger aeroplane in the 100,000lb class; there was some thought given to a four engine strategic naval bomber.
- The different South African PM is an indicator of a very different, non-apartheid path ahead.
- Indonesia and Australia continue to shape up over various disputes.
- British Railways adopts a very different modernisation plan based on large scale capital investment in existing steam infrastructure as well as construction of modern marshalling yards and production of new rolling stock.
- The Baghdad Pact is a somewhat different institution with a lot of internal tensions.
- The Constantinople Summit fails to address the main issues of the Cold War and Stalin (or rather, his double) is playing a long game. Or so he thinks.
- Operation Sunrise will be heard of again...
- 'The chances of anything coming from another planet are a billion to one' is a hat tip to Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds as well as an oblique reference to the future.
- Japanese rearmament is really kicking off in a far greater way than @ due to the substantial Chinese and Soviet naval threats in the Pacific. The Samurai Division is quite the interesting unit.
- Taft's death brings Roger Thompson to the presidency. A popular, young Second World War general, he has his heart and guts in the right place, but lacks experience in a number of areas, which will influence events next year.
- The Rastafarian movement has a rather different fate here.
- Superheroes and their deeds pop up every now and then and have quite the effect on US popular culture. They serve as a great boost to national morale and exceptionalism, being seen as a sign of the special nature of the United States.
- Percival has a different wartime role and a much, much better historical reputation.
- Craggy Island's missing west side is explained.
- The chocolate factory owner is Willy Wonka.
- Soviet diamond smuggling rings are forever.
- The lightly dressed swordsman sometimes referenced is familiar with the power of Castle Greyskull.
- Retention of capital punishment in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe indicates some different social development and attitudes. Ruth Ellis's hanging passes without considerable public protest.
- The Tu-95 is going to be a big game changer when it gets into full service, giving the Soviets their first genuine intercontinental strategic bomber.
- The price of Offa's Dyke is a oblique reference to an interesting factoid included in Michael Wood's 'In Search of the Dark Ages' in the episode on Offa.
- German tank development is following quite the interesting path.
- Albert Ballin does not take his own life in 1918, but lives on, flees the Nazis and returns back in the twilight of his life to set the company back on track once again. I've always found his story a sad one and having the circumstances which allow his survival was a happy coincidence.
- Hartshire is not a formal county, but is more of a general area in the West Midlands where halflings/hobbits have been traditionally found.
- Underground shelter capacity is several orders of magnitude greater in several countries.
- The US Presidential Guard Regiment is descended from Washington's Life Guard.
- British atomic power plans are extremely expansive, with some interesting consequences.
- Speeding toads really put the wind up the willows.
- The Girl in the Gun was simply an opportunity to refer to Dora the Explorer.
- The bear at Paddington Station loves marmalade.
- Manchester children going through a gate = Elidor (Alan Garner)
- Loss of a 707 over the Bermuda Triangle is more than what it seems.
- The Imperial Defence Staff is an interesting development.
- Great Khan Timur is a rather formidable character and hearkens back to old Mongol habits.
- The SKV will be detailed in Reds, the next 1947 story, but are one of the five major power groups in the Soviet Union alongside the CPSU, the KGB and the Red Army.
- Sword of Freedom is a very successful film.
- Glenn Miller lives on and his success is one sign of different musical development.
- James Dean does not leave a good-looking corpse, but is very badly injured; his status in popular culture isn't what it was on Earth.
- Plagues in Haiti?
- The Man Who Could Not Die will be mentioned again and has an interesting role to play and past history.
- The Yorkshire inventor and his dog finally get a go.
- Nuclear Canada
- Denys Finch Hatton survives and Isak Dinesen/Karen Blixen remains in Kenya.
- Artillery research will yield some interesting results within 10 years.
- Getulio Vargas doesn't shoot himself, but remains an eminence gris.
- The automaton bathtub makes an appearance in Never Had it So Good
- Adenauer died of natural causes.
- USS Monitor is a rather intriguing ship.
- The Kingdom of Finland and their victory in 1940 have some very interesting consequences.

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